Custom proposal for Brian Toba

Let’s grow your authority and build your audience with consistent, high-quality content. Please review it and leave your response at the bottom.

We determined your goals are to grow your brand authority and attract a professional audience who could potentially hire you, book you as a speaker, become future investors, or become future customers.

With a consistent flow of quality content, we determined that the ideal networks to accomplish these goals are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

We also believe an essential piece to building an audience involves building an email list and communicating with the people on this list weekly. With an email list, no algorithm or social platform changes can take your audience away from you. By regularly emailing this list with relevant info, you simultaneously build authority by giving value and staying top-of-mind.

The itemized list of services included here is what we think will quickly move the needle towards your goals.





Social Posts

Twitter + LinkedIn, short-form quotes, quips, and commentary




Long-form Posts

Twitter threads + LinkedIn articles, thought-leadership





Weekly summary of industry news





Reactive + Proactive engagement (quantity in hours)




Total Monthly


One-time Setup


Social Accounts

Connected to scheduling app and optimizing bios



Create landing page, build newsletter template


Total Setup


First Invoice


$1,600/mo thereafter

Take your brand to new levels

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