Tweet Theme


The Tweet Theme

The minimal, Twitter-inspired theme for bloggers who just want to write without fuss. Optimized for mobile, light-weight, and straight to the point.

Why buy this theme?

If you’re looking for minimal, and effective… maybe? Look, I’m not trying to sell the sh*t out of this thing. You either love it, or you don’t.

Genesis Framework

Genesis is the industry standard for WordPress theme frameworks. There’s no other theme I’ve tried that’s as solid, reliable, and future-proof.

Theme Options

Control a handful of basic foundational elements with a few clicks. Set site-wide layouts, comments, single post display options, header/footer scripts, and more.

Theme Customizer

Set your logo, define your preferred colors, configure menus and widgets all using the same WordPress customizer interface you’re used to.

No Support

Buy this at your own risk, and don’t ask me for help. 😜

Gutenberg Block Editor

Unlike other “Gutenberg Optimized” themes, we meticulously went through and applied theme styling to every native Gutenberg block.

Mobile Responsive

Let’s be real—if a theme isn’t mobile responsive in 2024 then something is terribly wrong. Tweet Theme is 100% mobile responsive. Duh.

Type your site name, or upload your own logo with a dead-simple interface. Literally couldn’t be easier.

Accessibility Ready

Rest assured knowing your site is optimized for those with Accessibility needs. Not only is this a win for your users, but a win for your SEO as well.

What people are saying?

Well, I haven’t even started selling this thing yet, but you want testimonials? Okay, fine…

It’s kind of… boring. You think people will buy this?

My Wife

I literally have no idea why I bought this theme. I don’t even have a WordPress site. What even is a “theme” anyways?

Church Patron

Is this some kind of joke?

Chris J. Wilson

If I give you a quote, will you just leave me the heck alone already?

Nextdoor Neighbor

What are you waiting for? Either buy this thing or leave… gosh.


Or in other words, more info I want you to have so you don’t ask me any questions.

Do I need to have Genesis Framework to use this theme?

Yes. This is a Genesis Child Theme which means you need to have the Parent theme, Genesis, installed. It’s confusing, I know, but trust me. Get Genesis Framework here.

Do you provide support for this theme if I need help with something?


Really? You don’t offer any support for this theme whatsoever?


That seems kind of odd, don’t you think?

Yea. But have you ever tried supporting a WordPress theme/plugin? It sucks.

But what if I have an issue after installing the theme?

Google it?

Don’t you think that will deter people from buying?

Yes. But it’s $19 dollars. People have bought plenty of stupid sh*t from Amazon that didn’t work and as long as your WordPress install doesn’t have a bunch of wild, terrible plugins installed you should be fine.

If I want some extra customization done for this theme, do you offer help?

Yes. Send $1,000 to the cashtag $DustinWStout on the Cash App with a note including your desired changes.

If your question is not answered in the above FAQ… 🤷‍♂️

That’s it. You’ve reached the end of the page. Congratulations! 🎉